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Mailing Address:

Adventure Out LLC
PO Box 7040
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

A message to our customers:
At Adventure Out we are committed to customer service – we understand your needs and we do our best to respond promptly. We also know that in the digital age, people expect communication “at the speed of light”. However, running an outdoor business is often contrary to this notion and we are not able to respond to your questions immediately. On any day our office could be run from 10,000′, the beach, or a wilderness camp. We’ll respond to many requests within a few hours. However, all inquiries are guaranteed to get a response within 2 days (email is almost always the better way to contact us than phone due to our backcountry facilities). Thank you for your understanding.


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*All Donation Requests MUST include a self-addressed, STAMPED, return
envelope for us to send a gift certificate back to you. Due to the large volume of requests, any donation request that does not include an envelope will not be considered.
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Please see above notice regarding customer communications.  Email is generally the best way to contact Adventure Out.  If you need to call, below are our office’s phone hours.  Weekend phone hours are to help customers with same-day program needs only (can’t find a class? going to be late? etc).  Reservation and management staff is only in the office Tuesday-Friday

Peak Season Phone Hours (March-October):
Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm
Saturday, 9am-Noon
Sunday-Monday, Closed
Winter Phone Hours (November-February):
Tuesday-Friday, 10am-3pm
Saturday, 9am-Noon
Sunday-Monday, Closed

Phone: 800-509-3954
Fax: 866-388-9249

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