Affiliate Info & Locations

Adventure Out is a network of outdoor schools, guide services, and wilderness education programs across the country dedicated to quality of service & programming, as well as fostering environmental stewardship in all of our clients and students. Click on an affiliate pin below to find a quality program in your area:



If you are an existing outdoor / adventure based program or school and would like more information or to apply for Adventure Out affiliation, please email our affiliate team.

Affiliate Program Overview

Existing outdoor programs with a proven track record, upon approval, will be able to start using the “Adventure Out” brand to drive more business to their schools. Upon approval, accredited programs/businesses will be listed here on as regional affiliates for the brand. Affiliates will receive marketing support ranging from client referrals, to advertising assistance, website assistance, and each new affiliate will receive a 1-on-1 business consulting session with Adventure Out Founder & CEO Cliff Hodges. Note: affiliation is NOT franchising – Adventure Out is not interested in taking a percentage of your profits or telling you how to run your business. The affiliation model allows for each Adventure Out satellite program to be independently owned, and receive as much, or as little, assistance and branding from Adventure Out Inc. as they’d like. For example, an affiliate may fully brand as “Adventure Out Oregon”, co-brand with an existing name like “Oregon Outdoor School – powered by Adventure Out”, or continue with private branding “Oregon Outdoor School”, without mention of AO on their own website, and just use the affiliation is a simple pathway to receive more clients from the Adventure Out Inc partnership and website.

Cost Of Affiliation

The first 20 affiliated programs will receive the founding partner rate of $250 per year for the right to affiliate and license the name “Adventure Out” (thus, just 1-2 client referrals per year alone will pay for your affiliation – cheaper than most advertising campaigns!) Affiliation is a 1-year contract – renewed annually. After the first 30 affiliates are accepted, the cost of affiliation for new affiliates will increase to $750 per year. Your affiliate licensing rate is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. It will never increase from the rate at which you began, even when the rate for new affiliates goes up.

Benefits Of Affiliation

  • Increased exposure
  • Nationwide brand recognition
  • Client referrals
  • Partnerships with other AO affiliates to offer new programs at your location
  • Business coaching and consultation
  • Pre-negotiated group buying power: discounts on outdoor gear!
  • Marketing assistance
  • Access to discounted business services negotiated by AO Inc. (insurance premiums, website construction, etc)
  • Membership in a community of like-minded adventurers and business own

How To Affiliate

If you are an existing adventure based program (outdoor school, guide service, experiential education program) and have been in business for at least 2 years, you may be eligible for accreditation immediately based on your credentials, or, discounted admission to our guide training program. For more information and an affiliate application, please email our affiliate support team.

New instructors/businesses that have been open for less than 2 years can apply for affiliation after completing our Training and Certification program. Learn more about our guide training and affiliation program.

Look for the AO Affiliate Badge to recognize our affiliates around the country:

Adventure Out Affiliate Badge