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Here is how it works. When you purchase the Express Pass discount card from Adventure Out you save 10-30% off all our clinics and trips plus 10% off everyday in our online store! In addition to these savings you also save 5-20% our Express Pass retail and online partners! So when you are shopping at Sports Basement or Summit Bicycles for example you save 10-20% off their products or service. Who can purchase an Express Pass discount card? Women, men, even students can save! How long does the card last? 18 months!

Cost: $69 ($40 for full-time students)

How To Purchase:

When enrolling in any clinic using our secure online registration system, you will be given the option to purchase an Express Pass. Otherwise, to buy individual Express Passes, please call 800-509-3954.

Summit Bicycles – Save Save 10% bikes, 15% off accesories and clothing, 20% off labor! Retail Locations:Burlingame, Los Gatos, San Rafael

Therapeia Yoga/Spa – Save 10% at eTherapeia!
San Francisco

See Jane Run – Save 10% off all merchandise!
San Francisco, Oakland

Paradise Surf Shop – Save 10% off all merchandise!
Santa Cruz

Cycle Sports

Save 10% at Cycle Sports. Get your discount on parts, accessories, and clothing! Plus, 10% discount off suggested retail on bikes or 5% off their low prices, which ever is most beneficial to you!

FleetFeet – Save 10% off all merchandise!

SFO Snowboarding – Save 10% off all merchandise!
San Francisco

venue CycleryCycle Sports – Save 10%-20% off all merchandise! San Francisco – Save 15% off all merchandise!

Flight 001 – Save 5% off all merchandise!

City Beach Rock Gym – $65 Enrollment Fee Waived Fremont, Santa Clara

Cowell’s Beach Shop – Save 15% off all merchandise! Santa Cruz

*Partnerships are subject to change. We are always adding new partnerships!
**Express Pass Discount may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

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