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Adventure Out Guide Profile – Rock Climbing – John

Name: John McDaniel

Age: 48

Birthplace: Washington

Background: I first took up rock climbing in 1979 as a class in college. From there I kinda dropped it until my two sons joined Boy Scouts. I was designated as the Troop’s new Rock Climbing Director. We climbed a couple times per year with up to 70 boys wanting to be on the rock. After they became Eagles I joined Adventure Out as a way to keep going out and pass on the sport to others.

Position with Adventure Out: Rock Climbing Instructor.

Why I love climbing: Cllimbing is an all over sport. It is fun, exciting (but still safe), and a great full body work out. It makes a great excuse to go see some strange places.

On the Rock: The best times were taking the Boy Scouts out. Kids are natural climbers. Each time we’d go out more kids would want on the rock. They’d learn everthing from a simple tie-in to setting protective rigging. Even the hesitant ones eventually wanted to try it out. They did well, too, once they learned to trust the rope and belayer and just concentrate on climbing. It was a lot of fun teaching a decade of Scouts to climb.