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Adventure Out Guide Profile – Rock Climbing – Josh

Name: Josh Pendergrass
Age: 30
Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas (only because on the car ride I just couldn’t wait to get out and start seeing the world).

Position with Adventure Out: Rock Climbing Instructor

Why I Love Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is a way to test ones true inner character. By putting yourself in a vertical environment and allowing yourself to trust your partner while climbing into often unknown and stressfull situations and over coming all that is thrown at you for one goal. To make it to the top, to turn around and take in the view atop the height of your accomplishment.

Make us Laugh: This is actually a funny monkey story that has nothing to do with rock climbing or surfing. I was in the jungle in Singapore but not lost. We were doing some training exercises during my tour in the Marine Corps. I was just about to roll into my sleeping bag when I noticed a monkey creeping up behind the Watch that just relieved me. Before I could let him know, the monkey reached up and took his 9mm pistol from its case. He luckily had his pistol on safe with no round in the chamber and a length of lanyard attaching him to his weapon. So him and the monkey had a little tug of war for a minute befor the monkey finally gave up and went back into the tree. Their little dance together did however wake up half of the platoon as well as the Seargent Major.