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Coronavirus Update – Adventure Out Programs



The State of California has defined “Outdoor Recreation” as an essential activity and thus, employees of “Outdoor Recreation Facilities” have been definied as essential workers (read about this on the state website here: – Section 1, Subsection 22).


-Social distancing: Instructors will be instructing participants to remain separated by 6 feet at all times per CDC recommendations. We have restructured all our programs and decreased class sizes to ensure this is possible and does not adversely affect the quality of programs.  Most of programs are operating at about 50%-%60 capacity of normal.

-Masks: Instructors will be wearing masks at arrival for all programs. Customers of Adventure Out MUST ARRIVE WITH THEIR OWN MASK.  Arriving without a mask will be grounds for immediate excusal and forfeiture of funds.

-Temperature Checks: All participants will have their temperature taken (no-touch forehead thermometers) upon arrival.  In accordance with the same procedures being used by TSA at the airports, you must have a temperature below 100.3 to participate and remain on site.

-Heightened sanitation measures: In addition to our normal protocols, we’ve equipped staff with  sanitation products and when collecting gear from clients at the end of courses, employees sanitize wetsuits, survival knives, etc (just about everthing that gets touched in the classes with bare hands and is a surface which could have virus living on it for an extended period of time). Gear will be also rotated so that it is not used same day by different people. Hand sanitizer will be available for use at each program.

Zero tolerance for attendance at any program with fever or symptoms. Clients and employees are asked to take their own temperature before arrival (this is mandatory – if you are enrolled in a program with us you must take your temperature before arrival).

We hope this notice can ease some concern for our clientele. This is an extremely difficult situation for us all. We appreciate your flexibility and know we can all work together to get through this!  Nature is healing for us all – let Adventure Out help you get out there and enjoy it!