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Fire-By-Friction: The Bow Drill

One of our newest and most popular programs as of late here at Adventure Out is our Wilderness Skills & Survival Clinic. In this class, we teach the Sacred Order of Survival – Shelter, Water, Fire, & Food. Of these four skills, the one that seems to always draw the largest crowd is Fire. There is something so innately human about Fire and the ability to control and manipulate it that seems to draw us all to it. In fact it was the method of Fire-By-Friction called Bow Drill that spawned my interest in Survival Skills many years ago.

Osage Bow Drill Kit

Why is fire so enthralling? What is it about walking out onto the landscape and creating fire from seemingly nothing that fascinates us so? In my opinion, it is simply a part of us. Fire is what distinguishes us as humans. Think of the Sacred Order needed to survive – Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. Countless other animals create shelters for themselves, and all animals need food and water. But fire – it’s use, and ability to control fire is something that only we as human beings can claim. Fire allowed us to rise up, travel, create tools, cook food, live in inclimate environments, and ultimately, lead to the production of civilization.

Bow-Drill In Action

To me, being able to share this sacred skill with others is a gift itself. To think that something that was once so ingrained in the consciousness of the human experience is disappearing is a tragedy. How many people are left on the earth that know how to create fire by friction? 1% of the population? Not likely. 0.001 percent of the world’s people? Maybe at best. Who knows for sure. But I do know that it is the duty of all of us who carry this knowledge to pass it on.

So for those of you who are interested in learning these skills and more, come check out our Wilderness Skills & Survival Clinic.

-Cliff Hodges, Owner – Adventure Out LLC