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Green Technology!

Im not sure if you have heard yet, but our world is actually in an environmental crisis. Thats the bad thing. The good thing is that big corporations are finally changing(or being forced) to do something about it. Kudos to Whole Foods Market, The EPA, Vail Resorts, New York University, The World Bank Group, and The Tower Companies for choosing green sources for 100% of their 2007 electricity purchases. Companies going in this direction should be noted and supported. Some of the methods being created for green energy are pretty interesting and high-tech. Wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass are amonng the most popular.


Adventure Out is also currently in the process of switching to become a “greener” company. We are now working with executive of 1% For the Planet, Terry Kellogg, to have more sustaibable office practices, products, and transportation options like ride-share carpools for clinics.

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