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Head for the hills

Spring is on it’s way. The days are getting longer and warmer, which to most ususally means one thing– head to the beach. However depending on where you live or what else you have going on in your day, the trek to the beach may not fit into the schedule. So why not head to the hills? Here in the Bay Area we are surrounded on all sides by some great foothills and mountains offering everything from camp grounds to mountain biking trails, waterfalls to redwood forests to places you can bring your dog. Get outside and get moving in some fresh air and feel like you’ve traveled miles away from home, providing a much needed break from the monotony of the work week. Check out Bay Area Hiker for trails all around the bay as well Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation to find where to bring man’s best friend or bike til your hearts content just to name a few. If your a bit nervous to start on your own and want someone else to do the planning, check out our mountain biking or hiking trips we offer.