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Nature is Healing… And We Need Your Help!

10% off Gift Cards & ALL bookings:

Dearest Adventurers-  I hope this message finds you safe. If you are in the Bay Area like me, you are likely at home, hopefully holding your loved ones close. These are extraordinary and difficult times.  Small businesses like Adventure Out are struggling like never before. In almost 2 decades of busines, I never thought I’d be writing this type of letter to customers.  But WE NEED HELP.

We will get through this; when these lockdowns are lifted, the OUTDOORS and NATURE will be the SAFEST and most healing place for us all. We will operate with the highest standards of sanitation, social distancing, and safety.  But to get through this, we would greatly appreciate any assistance our loyal customers can give.  Please consider booking your next adventure now or purchase a gift certificate for future use.

We are offering 10% off all gift certificate purchases and all bookings on our website (now through April 15) – use the discount code: support2020CLICK HERE TO BUY GIFT CARDS

Or if you’d like to support us at a lower dollar amount, consider purchasing some AO Apparel or a DIY Fire-by-Friction Kit:
Adventure Out Apparel.
Fire-by-Friction Kit.

While I would love to offer larger discounts, we simply just need help.  So on behalf of all our instructors and staff: Thank you for considering.  Every bit helps. We can’t wait to get you all outside and adventuring when it is appropriate – and when it is safe: give you a BIG HUG and say THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.

Cliff Hodges
Owner, Adventure Out