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Surfing 101 - Online Clinic

* 1.5 hour lesson delivered by an experienced surf instructor via Zoom
* How to navigate surf forecasts so you can know where and when to go
* How to choose proper equipment (surfboards, wetsuits etc.)
* Advice for cross training so that you will improve even when you aren’t surfing
* Overview of surf etiquette so you can avoid misunderstandings with other surfers
* Meet likeminded surf buddies who are driven to improve just like you
* Have your specific surf related questions answered

Have you taken a surf lesson but still feel unsure about how to progress further? Maybe you want to be able to predict when the waves will be good, or know what surfboard you should purchase. Perhaps you are confused about surf terminology or how to position yourself in “the lineup”. In this brief, yet, knowledge packed lesson you will learn the essentials to progress as a surfer.

* 60-90 Minute Clinic: $49

*Course material runs approximately 60 minutes with participant questions and scenarios lasting an additional 30 minutes on average.

In this lesson we will begin by covering surf terminology so that you won’t be in the dark when another surfer says “long period swell,” or “Outside!” We will continue by discussing surf etiquette so that you can avoid uncomfortable misunderstandings with other surfers. After that, we dive into navigating surf forecasts so that you can make informed decisions for your next surf session and score better waves! Next, we will talk about choosing gear, such as recommended surfboard dimensions, ideal thickness for wetsuits and reputable brands. We also discuss ways to cross train for surfing while you are out of the water. This is a great way to improve as a surfer even if you don’t have time for a surf session. Finally, we will conclude by answering your specific questions about surfing.

We provide a safe and non-threatening environment for the beginning surfer – no angry localism here! Come have fun learning how to surf and explore the wonders of the ocean with our experienced guides. If you have ever thought about surfing and thought “no way”, think again! Lets catch some waves!

Dates Offered: Clinics offered year-round. For a complete list of dates, click one of the registration links below.

Minimum number needed for class: 4 people – We can also set up private online clinics – the minimum charge is $49 x 4 = $196.  So if you have 1-4 people, it is a flat rate cost of $196; for 5 or more people the cost is $49 per person.


All you need is a computer (ideally with a camera) and Internet access. Also, please have the Zoom app downloaded before the class!

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