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Surfing III - From Riding to Ripping!

Expert surfing through barrel*4 Hour Coaching Session
*Expert Coaches – Lifeguard Certified
*Fully Insured and Permitted Surf School – Don’t Settle For Less!
*Ages 13 & Up

Surfing III is for the late-beginner to intermediate surfer who is really looking to take their surfing to the next level. This clinic is for those individuals who have taken our Surfing Clinic II or have been surfing consistently for at least 1 year.

Dates Offered: Surf II is offered as a private lessons only (no public/open classes).

In Surfing III you will get the full surf experience in a small group with one of our head instructors. The day begins with a surf check of a few local beaches. Surf-spot selection is taught through the eyes of the advanced surfer, taking in to account swell models, tide data, and personal observations. You WILL learn how to decide when and where EXACTLY the best surf will be.

Once out in the water, our experienced instructors will help you to “tackle the lineup” and catch waves in any situation. Your surfing will be progressed from “riding to ripping” as we delve into the key maneuvers in surfing such as the bottom-turn, top-turn, and cutback. With personal instruction and the opportunity to surf top spots with expert local surfers, this clinic is an experience you will find nowhere else.

Dates Offered: Surf II is offered as a private lessons only (no public/open classes).

*Must have own equipment
*Must be able to paddle out into the lineup without assistance
*Must be able to paddle-in and catch waves without assistance
*Must be able to stand up and ride the face of the wave down the line


Directions? Details?
Clinics are held at various locations in Santa Cruz. Exact location will be determined 2-3 days before the class date depending on swell conditions. Your instructor will call you to discuss the location at that time.  Directions, maps, and other details will all be provided in your confirmation email upon booking.

Your clinic includes:
Four hours of instruction and transportation for the surf-check portion of the class.

Your packing list:
All of your surf gear!

Email us to book Surf III: