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Survival Skills Clinic – In The Rain! – 2/25/07

Wilderness Survival Skills Class

On Sunday, February 25th, we held another wilderness survival & indigenous skills class in Boulder Creek, CA. The students who signed up for this weekend’s primitive skills class had no idea they would be making fire, in the rain! The day was filled with challenges, but everyone had a great time and went home with valuable skills and the knowledge of Shelter, Water, Fire, & Food in a Survival Situation.

Luckily there was a gazebo-like structure at the boy scouts camp to practice skills under. There was no fire ring, but there was a BBQ! All the moisture in the air meant that making fire by friction was no easy task. Students took to a partner method and were very successful and learned to adapt these important skills to a variety of poor-weather conditions.

Although the weather was gloomy, we still had smiles on our faces while coal burning spoons and rock-boiling water. We learned one thing for sure. Stay dry in a survival situation!

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