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Hunter's Preparation Course

Camoflauged Bow and Arrow Hunter*5 Hour Clinic
*Primitive Hunting Skills
*Expert Instructors – minimum 10 years of experience
*Learn the setup and prep required to hunt with all traditional equipment
*Tracking/trailing, camouflage, shot setup, game behavior

Hunting: it is a part of us as human beings, and sadly, it is a dying art. The culmination of that timeless dance between predator and prey, the release of the arrow, and the taking of life, is but the final chapter in a long journey that one must take in order to be successful at traditional hunting. While modern weaponry may provide a shortcut, hunting with all handmade and/or primitive equipment requires skill, practice, dedication, and most of all: preparation.

1-Day Workshop: $150

This 1-day class will focus on the preparation needed for bow-hunting including:
*Understanding your quarry: track and trail reading
*Invisibility: Camouflage (both modern & natural), sound, and scent masking
*Where to hunt: spot setup & blinds
*Shot considerations & common pitfalls

The purpose of this course is to help the truly dedicated student with what can be a very daunting journey. Hunting in an ancient manner can be one of the most difficult, yet spiritually enlivening experiences in one’s life. This class will be taught with strong values regarding the purpose of hunting & understanding of the animal’s sacrifice. Please be aware that “macho” attitudes and lack of respect for wildlife will not be tolerated in this class.

Dates Offered:
This program is booked on a private/semi-private basis only – we do not have public class dates available. Form your own group and contact us to set up a date.

Minimum Number Needed For Class: 5 People (to get $150 pricing – smaller group pricing available at increased rates per-person)
Maximum Class Size: 10 People

-Ages: 16 and up

Directions? Details?
Clinics are held in the beautiful redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains (south Bay Area). Exact directions, maps, recommended packing lists, and other details will all be provided upon registration.

Your clinic includes:
Five hours of instruction. All materials and tools are included.

Your packing list:
We provide all the equipment for your bowhunting adventure! Just come prepared with clothing to spend a day in the outdoors, lunch, snacks, & water, and a notebook & pen to takes notes.

Email us to set up your custom date:

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