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Welcome Intern Josh Unger

Name:Josh Unger

Age: 21

Birthplace: California

Hello Adventure Out Staff and fellow adventurers. My name is Josh Unger and I will be undertaking the position of Adventure Out intern! My job will cover a variety of administrative tasks as well as helping out to plan, set up, and even assist in running some adventure out clinics. I am a senior environmental studies major at The University of California Santa Cruz and have an extensive history with the outdoors. I have run survival skills clinics for the Elemental Awareness non-profit agency, backpacked throughout Patagonia with the Sierra Institute, been a counselor at YMCA skateboard camp held near Kings Canyon National park and have done a fair amount of surfing. As the new intern, I am excited to help and learn the inner workings of a quality company like adventure out. See you all out there!